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Rug Cleaning London

At Supreme Furnishings our professional rug cleaning London technicians are at your service to thoroughly clean and breathe back a new lease of life to your beloved rugs. Whether you’re looking to restore an ancient antique rug or simply remove a stain from a throw rug count on Supreme Furnishings rug cleaning London experts. With decades of experience and expertise, you can feel safe that our rug cleaning London professionals will use the appropriate machinery and equipment to extract as much dirt as possible.
Rug cleaning London

Expert rug cleaning London results

Our cleaning starts by assessing the fibres and fringes of the rug to determine the appropriate rug cleaning London method. Handmade rugs, otherwise known as oriental rugs, are more delicately connected to the rug, and may require hand cleaning only. The type of fibre used by the manufacturer, for example wool or silk, also determines which chemicals are appropriate to use to ensure safe cleaning and fibre durability.

Professional Rug Cleaning London - Supreme Furnishings

Thorough rug cleaning processes

All rugs are thoroughly checked to identify its structure and composition. As previously said, each type of rug needs a distinct rug cleaning London process. We also assess the color fastness of your rug to determine whether the dye is natural or synthetic. Because synthetic colors may bleed, extra care must be given throughout the washing process to avoid bleeding. Then we mark all of the spots that are visible. Each stain is dealt with individually, and after the stains have been identified they are removed.

refresh your environment

You may think that walking on a dirty rug wouldn’t cause issues, but it does. Simply by walking on the rug you are disturbing the dirty particles and releasing them directly into the air that you are breathing. That’s why using our professional rug cleaning London experts is a great way of making your home environment healthier for your children, family and pets. The steam cleaning process will remove dirt, mould and allergens that have embedded themselves deep into the fibres. 

Rug Cleaning London - Supreme Furnishings

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Whatever your rug fiber, or upholstery item, our professional rug cleaning London experts have the means and industry-leading machinery to bring your furnishings back to their former glory.
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About us

With over 15 years experience, Supreme Furnishings is a family business that has passed from father to son, working with a variety of residential and commercial clients. From private member clubs in Mayfair, to residential apartment blocks, our professional rug cleaning London technicians have the means to keep your furnishings looking fresh and clean.

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We carry out our work with pride and joy, ensuring you’re not only happy with the results but delighted with your experience too. Just have a look at what our past carpet cleaning London clients have to say.

Rated Excellent   stars 4.5 1  4.8 out of 5 on 

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Although we’re based in the heart of west London, we operate across the London area. If you prefer to get in touch with us directly, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.