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Essential Mattress Cleaning In London

Bed mattresses are known to be a hotbed, pun intended, of sweat and body grease, that over time accumulates leaving your mattress heavily stained. This is why our professional mattress cleaning London experts are on hand to restore your most precious sleeping environment. 

With our sophisticated mattress cleaning London procedures, we’ll ensure your mattress is thoroughly cleaned and left odour-free. Any stains, dust and soil that may find itself on the mattress are no match for our advanced steam clean, leaving it lovely to sleep on.

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Mattress cleaning London Glory

Our mattress cleaning London service using industry-leading hot water extraction machines is, without a doubt, the most effective way to ensure the deepest possible cleaning of your mattress. Say goodbye to germs, bacteria, dirt, and allergens, so you can rest easy knowing your bed is safe and clean. 

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Your best sleep yet

Our mattress cleaning London processes are completely safe and will not harm or damage your foam or other specialty mattresses. Both sides are cleaned intensely so that your bed is santised deep within eliminating any bed bugs, fleas, or mites in addition to eliminating *stains such as perspiration, blood, and urine.

Sweat stains from our bodies will be left behind and build over time leaving unpleasant odors. By keeping an untreated and uncleaned mattress or couch in the sun, it will never smell fresh. Supreme Furnishings mattress cleaning London professionals renew your upholstery and bring new life to it.

Sleep wonderfully again

We’ve all had a spill or two in bed. Maybe it was that coffee you were sipping in the morning or a late-night meal after you got home. Such stains can shorten the life of your mattress, but with our professional mattress cleaning London service combined with our stain removal experience, we can get most stains right out of your mattress.

You also won’t just get a cursory clean over the surface of your mattress. We’ll ensure that your bed is deep cleaned inside and out so that you can breathe easier and sleep more deeply every night.

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Other Cleaning services

With an array of cleaning experience, you can relax knowing your mattress cleaning London needs are in the best possible hands. If there’s more cleaning that you need, here’s a few other ways we can help!

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With over 15 years experience, Supreme Furnishings is a family business that has passed from father to son, working with a variety of residential and commercial clients. From private member clubs in Mayfair, to residential apartment blocks, our professional carpet cleaning London technicians have the means to keep your furnishings looking fresh and clean.

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We carry out our work with pride and joy, ensuring you’re not only happy with the results but delighted with your experience too. Just have a look at what our past carpet cleaning London clients have to say.

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