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Expert Carpet Stain Removal In London

Got a nasty stain on your carpet or upholstery? Fear not. Our carpet stain removal London service will tackle even the toughest of stains including the most common stains: pet urine, coffee, and wine. Our technicians are ready with the latest in stain removal technology and treatments to work their magic on those annoying stains.

The carpet stain removal London team has more than 30 chemicals and liquids to help remove all unsightly stains and temporary marks.
Our goal is to always remove and remove all kinds of marks from carpets and upholstery.

carpet stain removal London - Supreme Furnishings

Eliminate those tough stains

Our carpet stain removal London team are heavily trained and certified in evaluating the characteristics of most stains, and the appropriate methods to remove as much of the stain as possible. With over 10 years of experience treating urine, blood, wine and more, you can be sure of our carpet stain removal London service.

Treating tough stains

Unfortunately, we hear from many clients who attempt to remove a stain themselves using washing up liquid or other supermarket products that can often make it worse. Rubbing, in particular, can be harmful to the carpet fibre and potentially damaging it permanently. Despite what some supermarket brands may say, they rarely work well with removing coffee, red wine or urine stains, and can exacerbate the problem. Instead, give our carpet stain removal London specialist team a call to be sure that the best stain treatments and procedures will be applied to leave your carpets looking great again.

carpet stain removal London - Supreme Furnishings
Carpet Cleaning Services London - Supreme Furnishings

Trusted & reliable stain removal

Supreme Furnishings has a track record of excellent results and return carpet stain removal London service customers. Our customer reviews shine with praise, so you can be sure you’re in the best hands. We use the latest innovations to remove stains in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, and even offer dry-cleaning options for solvent based stains like make-up and glue. Get in touch today to have our carpet stain removal London specialists tackle your carpet or upholstery stain.

Professional Carpet Cleaning London Service

Whatever your carpet fibre, or upholstery item, our professional carpet cleaning London experts have the means and professional machinery to bring your furnishings back to their former glory. 



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About us

With over 15 years experience, Supreme Furnishings is a family business that has passed from father to son, working with a variety of residential and commercial clients. From private member clubs in Mayfair and residential apartment blocks to private homes, our professional carpet stain removal London technicians have the means to keep your furnishings looking fresh and clean.

What our clients say

We carry out our professional carpet stain removal London service work with pride and joy, ensuring you’re not only happy with the results but delighted with your experience too. Just have a look at what our past clients have to say.

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Operating across London

Although we’re based in the heart of west London, we operate across the London area. If you prefer to get in touch with us directly, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.