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How to clean a sofa expertly - Supreme Furnishings

A sofa can bring in comfort and, at the same time, accentuate your residence or workplace. Similar to other pieces of furniture in your place, you have to take good care to maintain the condition of your sofa if you want to continue feeling proud of it. With time and regular usage, there is a high chance of wear and tear as well as accumulation of dust and bacteria. 

To ensure that you get rid of stains and body odor from the fabric, we recommend cleaning your sofa professionally at least once a year, here’s a deep dive into how to clean a sofa from the pros.

Identifying the fabric

Before you start cleaning a sofa, it’s important to identify the fabric of your sofa, as some materials are more sensitive than others. Some materials work best with water, others dry-cleaned only, and some with specialist waxing and conditioning. Which is why, before asking how to clean a sofa, you should know your sofa’s fabric to ensure that you decide on the correct cleaning procedure. 

A good rule of thumb is to remember most cottons and synthetics can be cleaned with water, silk and real velvet should be dry-cleaned and leather should be waxed and conditioned.

Applying your detergent

If you’ve searched how to clean a sofa? We’re going to assume you were searching for a cotton or synthetic sofa material as it’s by far the most common. You should start by extracting any dust, dirt and debris that finds its way to the back of your sofa using a reliable vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum is better than none, but it’s a good place to start. 

Next you should apply your alkaline based detergent, we personally rely on World Of Clean’s chemicals, although there are many other suppliers that create great products. Make sure your detergent is spread and agitated throughout your sofa. Remember that the more thorough we are in this process the more dirt, soil and grease we’ll be able to release from the fabric.

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Extract your dirt & grease

Here’s where the magic happens. Using a professional hot water extraction machine, otherwise known as a steam cleaning machine, apply your hot water rinse, preferably slightly acidic to balance out the fabrics pH level. As you apply your rinse, your upholstery tool should be extracting a high level of dirt and soil. Check out our video below to see how it should look like. 

DIY or get a professional?

It’s tempting to think you can clean a sofa by yourself, all you’d need is some soap and water right? Well although it might help, you’ll likely cause some form of damage to the sofa in the process. Whether it’s a bad reaction of the soap with the fabric, water stains, or excess rubbing, it’s not worth the risk or the effort. The exception here perhaps would be a leather sofa, which with some elbow grease is a lot less risky. Nevertheless, when it comes to cleaning cotton or synthetic sofa, we recommend going with the professionals. That way you can be sure that your sofa will be getting the most thorough clean without the fuss that goes about with obtaining the equipment, any damage risks, or cleaning up afterwards. 

And if you’re in the London area then give us a call or leave a message below to help you bring your sofa back to its former glory. 

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